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December 1, 2023


This is the first question everyone has. If you’re wondering what a photographer costs or comparing your dream photographer to a cheaper photographer due to the total cost of the session then you’re in the right spot. Let’s start by comparing your photographer by the following:

Wall art for maternity mom and husband in a classic fashion


“Does your newborn photographer know how to handle a baby safely? To know the spots baby can easily overheat? What poses could harm baby? And what about breathing patterns?”

– This should be every photographers top priority no matter the type of session

Newborn baby girl with a big bow white holding a bunny stuffy lovie


“How many years have they been photographing that specific genre for?”

– Having years of hands on experience handling babies is a MUST. You don’t become a professional in just a days time, it takes years.


“Did they check off all the boxes?” Your experience matters

-How did you feel about your entire experience? Did they provide everything for you such a props, clothing, makeup etc;? Were you feeling beautiful and pampered during your photoshoot? Did they guide you on how to pose? Were you able to feel relaxed knowing your baby was in good hands? Did they solve all of your problems and concerns?

maternity photo session mom laying on back


“Does your photographer reflect the type of images you would love to have in your home?”

-If your photographer does only outdoor photography but your looking for beautiful classic simple in studio photos, most likely they wouldn’t know what to do when it came to a studio photo shoot with you and visa versa. If your photographer specializes in only newborn photography but your looking for a headshot for your business, your not going to choose the newborn photographer to capture your headshot as that does not reflect in the type of work they do and you would be having the best experience going to the photographer who captures headshots on the daily for their customers. 

baby boy dressed in winter blue outfit smiles for photo


“Do they offer prints, wall art and/or products?”

-Let’s say you prepared your entire family for this photo shoot that you hoped was going to be just as perfect as the other photographers images who cost 10x more next door but in the end when choosing your final images, you come to find that your images are blurry, grainy, discolored, horribly shadowed or even lit ALL wrong. Now these images have become something you would never print out.

-Photographers who offer printed products such as wall art and albums stand by their high quality of work. They know that their work and products are so good, it’s worthy of being blown up into very large prints and/or put into a beautiful heirloom album that will no doubt last generations and generations. After all, this is your legacy.

Not only that but they will fully design, order and deliver your artwork for you so you don’t have to. When you are left doing this all on your own, you’re taking time away from your family and that is time you could have spent with them at home, watched him make his first goal at his soccer game or even been there for her while they accepted an award they received at school. Your kids remember the times you spend with them and the times you weren’t there. Make every minute matter because you matter to them.

 Maternity black mom posed on walls for maternity photo shoot

•Okay, so HOW MUCH should I be looking to pay for a photographer?

•An amateur (Beginner/Not as experienced) photographer will cost you around $250-800 and this typically is only for the digitals (Not very high quality)

•A professional photographer will cost you anywhere from $1500 to $10,000+ , truly depending on how many images you love and any artwork and products that may want to order for your walls and even gifts for your friends and family to share with back home.

maternity photo session mom dress in the finest couture blue gown


Here’s a breakdown

Insurance- to protect you, your family and their equipment 

 Equipment- Props, Camera, lighting, Computer, backdrops etc; are very expensive. This is what is needed to create their beautiful high quality photos 

 Wardrobe/Client Coset- Tons of money spent to save you from purchasing a gown/s that you will only wear once

  Makeup Artist- To ensure you have an experience you never forget. 

 Professional Studio- the cost of having a professional studio is anywhere between $1k-6k+ for rent alone. Don’t forget about the heating and gas (This is on top of their own homes rent or mortgage)

 Education- your photographer is taught how to properly pose, light, etc; by taking in person and online workshops to produce these images for you

 Our Time- they spend countless hours on messaging you back and forth about your session, in person style and guidance appointment, phone call consultation, emails sent out, setting up and preparing for your session, shooting time during your session, looking up inspiration, confirming makeup artist schedule for your session, ordering props if needed (first birthday cakes, balloons, maternity gowns, etc) prepping slideshows and guiding you through your image viewing appointment, culling through all images taken from your session, going to the grocery store for refreshments, editing your images, designing your products and the time delivering them to you. We are small businesses and we have families to support too

 Taxes- 30% of what your photographer makes all goes to taxes

 Credit Card & Transferring Fees- This amount gets higher and higher each year

Subscriptions- This keeps their businesses running. Some examples are their professional editing software, website, Culling software, Client Management software, Online Client gallery etc; 

Advertising- Google, social media, networking meetings, etc; Every business needs to advertise to be found and this can be costly


If you are on the lookout for a professional photographer, look no further. Blueberry and Lace Photography is

An experience you will never forget

Family photos done in Syracuse New York photo studio near me


-Blueberry and Lace Photography is a Professional Photography Studio located near Syracuse, New York specializing in Newborn, Maternity and Family photos. They give a beautiful experience for moms by providing you with a 1:1 pampering session with makeup artist, Alexis conveniently located inside of the photo studio at the beginning of your session and dressing you in only the finest couture gowns to ensure you look and feel your absolute best. The experience is finished with an in person viewing appointment showcasing all of the images taken from your session on a custom heartfelt slideshow and turning your favorite photos into heirloom products and gifts to share with friends and family.

Blueberry and Lace Photography is a highly rated and a Multi-Awarded Photographer. They stand by their quality of work and their clients swoon over their experience with them. You can expect to spend an investment with them to start at $1490


Contact Blueberry and Lace Photography HERE

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